As squeaky clean as Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, and Rupert Grint seem to be, the undeniable truth is that each of them is a famous twenty-something who’s now free from the constrictions of filming back-to-back Harry Potter movies. And, with Radcliffe and Watson both at the ripe partying age of 21 and Grint at a ready-to-rock 23, they’re in their public intoxication/leaked scandalous photos/possibly hooking up with Lindsay Lohan (that goes for Watson, too, of course) primes.

We’re rooting for the trio to defy the odds and maintain dignity as they trek out into the dangerous world of Hollywood, but the chips are certainly stacked against them. Less than two weeks ago, in fact, word spread from GQ U.K. that Radcliffe had admitted to a recent drinking problem. Yes, the tabloid floodgates have officially opened.

What better way to get over the end of the actors’ respective characters than by turning one’s focus on the real-life players themselves? Start a pool with your chums, placing monetary bets on who’ll slip up next, and how. “One-hundred bucks if Rupert Grint has an illegitimate kid”; “Two-hundred smackers if Watson hooks up with Orlando Bloom”; “Five-hundred if Radcliffe falls off the wagon.” Hopefully, no such things happen, but a smart gambling man would bet on at least one tabloid mishap from the stars, post-Potter.