April 15 of this year was a special day for male Harry Potter fans—that’s when Emma “Hermione” Watson officially turned 21 years of age. No longer did mature fellas have to feel creepy about finding the youthful English actress to be highly attractive; now, she’s fair game.

Though, she also seems far more urbane than the women we all know in real life. Maybe it’s her refined English accent, or how she carries herself with so much class in interviews without coming across as pretentious in any way. Simply put, Watson is the exact kind of girl we’d all love to bring home to mom some day, and, now that we’re done seeing her as the perpetually prepubescent Hermione, Watson is officially an adult dream-girl.

Use this post-Potter time to get to know Watson outside of her character, through reading magazine profiles and watching her on-camera interviews. While doing so, try to figure out what makes a girl like her tick, and then use your newfound knowledge to master an etiquette course or two that’ll prepare you for a hot date with a woman who’ll pay attention to whether you eat salad with the proper fork or not.

Truthfully, J.K. Rowling herself strikes us as the kind of lady who’d care about such trivial things, and she’s a first-class MILF, no? Of course she is.