Despite never really getting to fully stretch his wings on the character for a proper amount of time, Mark Waid has truly cemented himself as one of the best Captain America writers currently working in comics. But, as he proved writing Spider-Man, the Flash, and the Fantastic Four, Waid pretty much nails any character that he writes, so this shouldn’t come as much of a surprise.

In Man Out Of Time, Waid revisits Cap’s early days with the Avengers after he was thawed out of a block of ice in the Arctic. He spends most of the story trying to acclimate himself to a world that has moved on without him and views him simply as a relic from the past. These issues have been dealt with before in passing, but Waid really deconstructs the man behind the mask and explores the isolation that Cap first felt when he was brought back to life thanks to the Avengers.

Man Out Of Time is a perfect example for why comics don’t need to be wall-to-wall action in order to be entertaining. Like any form of literature, all they need is a strong concept and characters to work. Waid knows this and that’s why he can take a 70-year-old character and still manage to surprise his audience.