In another step toward the mainstream for jailbreaking, T-Mobile has just announced that it will offer free micro sim cards to network subscribers using unlocked iPhone 4s. The latest iPhone cannot use the larger sim cards used by T-Moble phones, and those wanting to get the device to work with the network previously had to manually trim their sims down to size.

T-Mobile of course is not an official supporter of the iPhone, but the company has said that it has up to 1 million people using the popular device with its service. The new T-Mobile micro sim cards still won't allow the iPhone 4 to take advantage of the company's speedier 3G and 4G HSPA+ networks, however, so those relying on the unofficial union will remain stuck with EDGE and Wifi.

The iPhone 5, which is rumored to be coming to T-Mobile as well as the other three major cell providers, is rumored to rely on a sim card that's even smaller than a micro sim.