Achievements are all the rage these days as they urge gamers to perform ridiculous feats for the sole purpose of garnering bragging rights.  But what about the old school games before the advent of those addicting digital trophies?  Well thanks to the internet, even self-made achievements can be boasted and shared with the masses.  Watch the video above and witness a complete Super Mario Bros. run with no deaths while achieving the lowest score possible.  Imagine avoiding every coin and not squishing a single Goomba on any level!  Several tricky jumps are required to pull it off, as well as extreme patience as he runs down the clock at the end of each level to make sure he doesn’t get a single point of time bonus!  At the end of the run, he winds up with a paltry 600 points and we believe that is, in fact, the lowest score possible.  [via Joystiq]