Simon & Schuster's Steve Jobs biography has generated a fair amount of buzz-- despite the fact that it doesn't come out until March of next year-- mostly due to the fact that it's the first Jobs bio to be produced with the private visionary's cooperation. Last month , when it was made available for preorder, the book even cracked #12 on Amazon's list of best-sellers. One thing that hasn't done the bio, or Simon & Schuster, any favors, though? A goofy title. The project, penned by renowned biographer and former magazine editor Walter Isaacson, has heretofore been known as iSteve: The Book of Jobs. Right.

According to Fortune, that title was a gem of the publisher's publicity department and Isaacson (and, we're assuming, Jobs) wasn't too keen on it. He has now renamed th book with a much more minimalist, and therefore Jobsian, spin. It will simply be called Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson. Works for us.

The bio hits stores March 6, 2012.