Sister Wives is a pretty weird show on TLC that chronicles the life of a Mormon dude from Utah who has four wives—one legal, and three "spiritual," or whatever. Unsurprisingly, it's had controversy surrounding it from the get-go, to the point where the family had to leave Utah and move to Nevada to avoid getting into legal trouble for their...unique situation. Utah has a set of pretty strict anti-bigamy laws, so even though husband Kody Brown is only legally married to one, it's still illegal for him to be cohabitating with three other woman.

So, they're a little annoyed by this and are trying to beat the system by destroying it all together. Ballsy, considering there have been attempts at getting rid of the anti-bigamy laws in the past and they've all failed.

Wife number four, Robyn Brown, explained their motives: "It's OK for us to live this way, honestly. I'm sorry—but this is a nation of freedom of choice. We should have this choice, and I want my kids to know that."

[via NPR]

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