When How I Met Your Mother was picked up for an additional two seasons earlier this year, it seemed like the final two seasons. And right now, that's the plan.

"All of our contracts are up after 8, so we're preparing for that to possibly be the end," co-creator Craig Thomas told TV Guide. "As long as we know that a year from now, that's fine. But if we don't, then that's a problem!"

If you're a fan of the show worried that Thomas and his co-conspirator Carter Bays aren't sure how they're going to wrap this up, relax. "We know exactly the ending minute or two of Season 7. It's going to take place in the future at that wedding day and we're going to end Season 7 there. It's going to be something! And we'll also end with a baby being born and then head into 8. And maybe there'll be more."

That wedding day refers to Barney's (Neil Patrick Harris), something that was teased in the season six finale. The season seven premiere will pick up at the wedding, with flashbacks to September 2011.

[via TV Guide]