Saints Row: The Third is a zany shooter that reminds players not to take things too seriously.  For those of you who wouldn’t know fun if it sat on your face and wiggled, perhaps you should order Professor Genki’s Hyper-Ordinary Pre-Order Pack.  This wacky sack of swag contains three in-game items that are bound to turn those frowns upside down:  man-a-pult car, which launches pedestrians to their death, stuntman suit, which is fashionable and tight in the right places and the octopuss gun, which we think you can figure out. 

For those of you with deep pockets, the Platinum Edition of the game will include all of the pre-order goodies plus the Saints Row: The Third soundtrack and a custom made headset with vocoder voice processing feature built-in so you can auto-tune yourself!  Sadly the headphones use a 3.5MM audio jack and, therefore, is not compatible with Xbox LIVE or PSN, but that’s still a pretty slick piece of hardware.  Are you pimp enough to grab the Platinum Edition? [via Destructoid]

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