There's been tons written bout the iPhone 5, but what about the iPod Touch 5? Everyone's favorite "iPhone-without-the-phone" is rumored to be up for an upgrade this fall and may come in white, according to 9-to-5 Mac.

Photos of what looks to be the faceplate of a white iPod Touch have made their way online. The move would make intuitive sense, because Apple's other iOS devices, the iPhone and the iPad, are already offered in black and white versions, leaving poor little iPod Touch as the odd man out. 

Other than the addition of a white model, the fifth generation of the iPod Touch is likely to be centered around an internal processor boost that will help the device continue to compete in the gaming sector.

If the rumors of an updated iTouch pan out, that would mean all the iOS devices are on deck for an upgrade this fall. That would be quite the keynote, no?

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