2. The most powerful people in Hollywood respect the hell out of him.

Sure, armchair pundits and high-horsed critics can’t stand either Bay or his movies, but that hasn’t stopped the industry’s biggest names from making their admiration for the man widely known. Steven Spielberg, for example, has produced all of Bay’s Transformers flicks, entrusting the good name of his Dreamworks production company and a surefire toy-to-film franchise to one of cinema’s most hated dudes.

And then there’s Christopher Nolan, who, in addition to directing game-changers like The Dark Knight and Inception, loves to watch Michael Bay’s work. Let’s even go one step further: James Cameron, the force behind all-time box office champs Titanic and Avatar, not to mention film’s least humble participant, openly admitted to being in awe of Bay’s Transformers: Dark Of The Moon direction, as seen and heard in the above video.

Who do you think has the more important opinion about a director’s merits: An uptight critic who probably wishes he or she could make movies his or herself, or James “King of the World” Cameron? Case closed.

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