6. Not many filmmakers have styles that are distinctly their own, but Bay does.

If directors could choose one term they wish journalists could use to describe them in articles, it’s most likely “Academy Award winner”; coming in at a close second, though, is probably “auteur,” the word used to label a filmmaker whose movies are instantly identifiable as his or her own. Films during which, within minutes, a viewer who has never heard of IMDB can stop and say, “Oh, this is a so-and-so movie!” Obviously, that’s much more respectable than filmmakers whose flicks are interchangeable, generic copycats of some more successful directors’ box office hits.

For all of the hate that Bay receives due to his routine overuse of lavishly photographed explosions, slo-mo, and more lavishly photographed explosions, it’s precisely that superficial trickery that makes Bay one of the few true auteurs working in Hollywood today. Hate his movies or not, there’s no denying that a Michael Bay film is easily recognizable as such. Just go on YouTube and sample the dozens of homemade parodies in which mundane actions are given “Directed by Michael Bay” spins, such as the above clip, titled “Michael Bay eating a bowl of cereal.”

Though the point of videos like this one is to lampoon the guy’s excessive style, chances are Bay himself would applaud; it’s better to get clowned for having a singular approach to moviemaking than to just be another one of the hundred directors working anonymously.