8. He could very well save 3D technology from an early grave, all by himself.

Ever since James Cameron’s Avatar wowed audiences in 3D, breaking damn near every box office record known to man, Hollywood’s producers and deal-makers have been obsessed with giving movies three-dimensions. Practically every flick made for more than $40 million has been released in the format, much to the growing chagrin of ripped-off ticket-buyers and critics who constantly look for new ways to bust blockbuster filmmakers’ balls.

And, after having seen the awful post-conversions and useless 3D of pics like Clash Of The Titans, The Last Airbender, and My Soul To Take, we’re just as ready to see 3D die off as any art-house purist.

Bay, on the other hand, isn’t about to let a format tailor-made for his brand of films become an abandoned tactic. Much of the scattered praise being dropped upon Transformers: Dark Of The Moon is centered on the movie’s genuinely awesome usage of 3D, namely in unbridled fashion throughout Dark Of The Moon’s relentless action blowout of a final act. Now, thanks to Bay’s masterful handling of the medium, bloggers and journalists alike are wondering if he’s the savior of 3D. If he’s not, then Dark Of The Moon should at least become the new blueprint.