The Real Housewives Of New York cast member Sonja Morgan just can't catch a break. First, in 2010, she was forced to file for bankruptcy after a film investment through her production company, Sonja Productions, fell through. Now, she may be forced to lose her $6 million Upper East Side townhouse.

Morgan is currently caught up in a pretty nasty court battle over a $3 million divorce settlement. Sources say she wants to sell the townhouse back to her ex-hubby, John Adams Morgan, so it can be secured for her daughter to reside in, but he's not buying.

"She wants to keep it for her daughter, but it seems she'll have to sell it and lose it altogether. She needs the money because he's not giving her a cent more and she's now more than $7 million in the hole. She's in denial, it's only just started to hit her how much trouble she's in. She makes $275,000 a year on Housewives, which would be good for anyone else but it won't save her."

We feel pretty bad for this "real housewife," but she should look at the bright side: How perfect is this material for a spinoff show? Just saying.

[Via E! Online]