We've got The Real Housewives of Every City Ever, Mob Wives, Basketball Wives, and now...Wall $treet Wives.

A casting notice for the new series recently went up in the New York City area, detailing that producers are searching for four or five women with "a fun and attractive personality," who are married (or have been married to) men working in an "investment oriented" job on Wall Street.

The show has been pitched before. Back in 2007, Devon Fleming, an author and the wife of a Deutsche Bank wealth manager, and her friend Sammi Mendenhall, shopped the show around with Fleming as one of the stars. But networks wanted something with cat-fights and drama, something that both Fleming and Mendenhall weren't keen on.

"These are not idiots. These are the intelligent women who hold it down," Mendenhall told the New York Times of who they're searching for. "Some of them have M.B.A.’s!"

The show is still being shopped around, so there's no word yet on what network it will be on, but we don't have doubts that it'll be picked up by someone. And when it is, we'll be sure to set our tiVos.

[Via NY Times]