Nolan North is one of the guy's we really wanna have a chat with over here at Complex. His name is synonymous with some of the most classic titles in the past decade. From Desmond Miles to Jace Stratten to the wisecracking Nathan Drake, North has consistently been one of the best voices in the gaming business. 

Mr. Video Game Voiceover is stepping it up a notch by announcing via Comic-Con that he is writing a "yearbook" about his experiences as member of Naughty Dog's crafty band of bandits. Our affection for the fictional treasure hunter is well-documented and Drake's Journal will be worth the collection. Instead of focusing on all the technical jargon, Nolan goes first-person shooter, detailing the experience of being one of video games most entertaining characters.

If we can get the man of a thousand voices to sit down with us for an interview, we'll try to get some more details about this for you before the book hits shelves on November 1.

[via GameFront]


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