Nintendo recently lowered the price cost of its 3DS handheld by $80 and even with the temporary setback, they continue to make headlines. The company's CEO Satoru Iwata revealed that, according to Andriasang, Nintendo will be a money loser for the gaming giant.

This move will no doubt effect the company's earnings forecast. Iwata, speaking with shareholders in Tokyo today, accepted responsibility for the 3DS' shortcomings, and said that he and other executives will be taking significant pay cuts. That translates to a 50% cut from his annual salary of approximately $2 million. Others who were close to the project will see a 30% pay cut, while fellow executives will have theirs reduced by 20%.

Are these brave measures fair and balanced enough for Nintendo fans? Does the price cut make you want to buy a 3DS or are you waiting for Sony's Vita to come down on its price?

[via Andriasang]

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