Back in 2003, former boy band singer Nick Lachey was relevant for about two minutes thanks to his then-wife Jessica Simpson, and the folks over at MTV who mined comedic gold in the fact that Jessica didn't know is Chicken of the Sea was, well, "Chicken or fish?" The show was called Newlyweds, of course, and it successfully ran between 2003 and 2005 before eventually coming to an end because their break-up two years later; nine months after the show went off the air, Simpson and Lachey filed for divorce.

Then, Lachey started dating hottie Vanessa Minnillo, and eventually proposed. And now, according to CNN, the two, currently engaged, are planning to air a special about their wedding on TLC... Sound familiar?

"It's a one-off special, a chance to kind of have a great experience and a great moment in our lives documented on TV, and also for us, to have a great wedding video at the end of it," Lachey told Us Weekly. He goes on to explain that the show will be different in the sense that it's merely a special as opposed to multiple episodes, which totally makes it okay. Right.

We have to point out that, while it's said that history has a tendency to repeat itself, it's also said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again while expecting different results. Now, we all know the way this ended last time, so here's hoping Lachey knows what he's doing. Probably not.

Or that the paycheck is big enough. Pretty much.

[Via CNN]

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