Facebook’s update for their iPhone app yesterday came with an added surprise: hints of an iPad app, something that fans have been clamoring for going on almost a year. 

The iPhone version of the Facebook app was only supposed to fix a few bugs, but sharp-eyed fans realized that the code for the iPad version could be activated if the iPad was used a little liberally. One of the first to notice an irregularity was Canadian engineering student Marvin Bernal (@AeroEchelon), who tweeted, “If you change the UIDeviceFamily to 2 for iPhone on the Facebook app you get an iPad version!”

As of now, Facebook hasn’t commented on the situation, but the code seems rich and detailed and the screencaps vivid enough to assume that this is at least close to the finished product fans can expect to see in the official version of the Facebook iPad app.

[via Gizmodo]