As if your crush on Mila Kunis couldn't get any bigger, the Friends With Benefits star appears on the cover of GQ this month and reveals that she's just a nerd at heart. How so? By ranking her favorite Star Trek series, of course!

"I'm a massive Trekkie," she said when asked about working with William Shatner on American Psycho 2. "I got into it in my late teens—18, 19, 20. Something like that. I got into it later than most people. But let's not talk about it in the past tense. I'm still a Star Trek fan. You never stop being one. Let me give you my rundown of the series in order of most favorite to least favorite."

Go for it, Mila. "The Next Generation; the original series; then Voyager [...] then I have Deep Space Nine. Then last is Enterprise."

Next Gen better than the O.G.? Somewhere, a Trekkie just blew their top.

[via GQ]

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