If the news about the new Apple hardware releases planned for tomorrow wasn’t enough to get you excited, maybe you’ll be more enthused about the release of the new Mac operating system, available today.

Or not. If early reviews are any indication, OS X Lion may be one of the lesser exciting Apple releases of the past few years. For instance, its new “Launchpad” base page for apps merely harkens back to Windows-era, program-laden desktops. Still, as with most Apple products, early grumblings don’t necessarily translate to a lack of success or acceptance by the tech faithful.

Lion looks to bridge the gap between Apple's iOS mobile operating system and its desktop offerings by offering features—like Launchpad—that will amalgamate the user experience. Presumably, mobility, "the cloud", and touchscreens will play a major role in the future of Apple, and Mac OS X Lion is the first step in that direction. 

The upgrade, the first Mac OS overhaul not released on a disc, is available for download at the App Store for $30 and will take up 3.5 GB of space. Good luck finding stable enough wi-fi.

[via Gizmodo]