By now, it’s become glaringly apparent that the “retirement” of AntiSec hackers LulzSec was simply a feint. Waiting for the right moment to return, the hackers picked an opportune one, taking aim at Rupert Murdock and his News International conglomerate amidst one of the biggest media scandals ever for their role in phone-hacking celebrities and police bribery.

First, the group posted a fake death report for Murdoch—describing a Vito Corleone-style garden death for the mogul—on the website for The Times, one of Murdoch’s paper. Then, they redirected the webpage for another News International publication, UK tabloid The Sun, to their own Twitter account before editors there could issue a retraction of Murdoch’s death. Finally, together with Anonymous, LulzSec began leaking e-mail logins and phone numbers for top News employees, including arrested exec Rebekah Brooks. And that was just yesterday.

The Lulz should sail on, according to the hackers themselves. “FUCK YOU MURDOCH. YOU ARE NEXT,” they tweeted.

[via Gizmodo]