Mick Collins is as important to Detroit garage rock over the past three decades as Jay Dee was to the city’s hip-hop scene. With The Gories, a two-guitar and drums punk band he formed in the mid-1980s, Collins’ shadow loomed fairly large over the legacy of Michigan rock in the wake of KISS, the Stooges, and the MC5. After the Gories disbanded, Collins was part of the recording of 1998’s Silky, a super-sleazy, frighteningly raw album by Andre Williams, a then-52-year-old R&B singer whose subsequent resurgence turned him into a cult phenomenon himself.

The Dirtbombs is Collins’ latest project, a fierce rock band that has explored a number of genres, the most recent being an homage to Detroit techno of the 1980s on their new album Party Store. As strange as that concept sounds, Collins’ decades soaking in the different flavors of his city’s musical landscape make it possible. This is an odd album, but it’s Detroit through and through.

The Dirtbombs
Saturday, July 16
8 p.m.
The Majestic
4120-4140 Woodward Ave., Detroit
Tickets $20