Everybody wishes they could play guitar. It opens so many doors: being a rock star, scoring some groupies, etc. It’s the appeal that made tens of thousands buy a plastic guitar with five buttons on it, the accompanying video game, and then precede to care about it enough that people could conceivably go pro at said video game.

But with M3i’s Laser Pitch Detection system, it’s now simpler than ever to convert electric guitar riffs to MIDI format, meaning your friend that’s made twelve albums of acoustic Bob Dylan covers can finally go electric like the world has been waiting him to. 

The system works because of a laser beam under each string, which measures the distance between the diode and the depressed string (just smile and nod, rock stars don’t need to know words like “diode”) in favor of trying to detect vibrations (a stick in the mud for past systems converting string vibrations to MIDI). The system is an improvement because there is no delay and no need to tune the instrument, which leads to more accuracy.  

[via Engadget]