Ke$ha is all about sending a positive message. Or so she says.

"The one thing people have responded to is it's really positive music," she recently told the Daily Record. "Yes, it's masked by talking about drinking and partying like a wild woman - but underneath that it is really positive."

Ke$ha insists it's all about giving people the confidence to be whoever they want to be.

"People gravitate towards the party girl thing but in my expression of myself, from the way I dress to how I speak and act, I am trying to show that I want people to feel they can be themselves. I grew up in Nashville, which is very religious and conservative and not at all open-minded. I want to encourage kids to be themselves, feel free to express themselves and have their eccentricities encouraged."

What do you think— is Ke$ha just trying to make herself feel good about making mindless party music? Or does she have a valid point?