The tides are about to get stranger for Johnny Depp , and ultimately us. After Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides was bashed by critics as the franchise's worst entry yet, Hollywood is salivating nonetheless at the chance to push parts five and six onto the masses. Even though Depp clearly showed signs of character fatigue, the actor seems ready to sign for the next installment, after vouching for the screenplay.

According to The Wrap, Depp has already earned nearly $350 million for the four films to date, so, while the money is more than enough to compensate for the credibility he's sacrificed, the rest of us will have to gasp at the shock of it all.

Depp is in a uniquely strong bargaining position in Hollywood. On Stranger Tides grossed $1 billion worldwide and its success can be traced almost entirely back to the popularity of Captain Jack Sparrow. If audiences are willing to overlook the franchises failings, the real question remains whether anyone really even wants another Pirates Of The Caribbean movie.

[Via The Wrap]