The guest stars just keep on coming to Greendale. Hot on the heels of the news that Michael K. Williams would appear in three Community episodes as the new biology teacher comes word that John Goodman has been cast as a new dean. Though not the dean dean--that's still Jim Rash.

Goodman will play the Dean of the School of Air Conditioning Repair, a subset of Greendale that actually has more power than the actual Dean of Students. "The Greendale Community College only has one part of it that is actually nationally renowned, and it's their air conditioning repair program. And it's sort of a separate annex on the campus that puts itself above the rest of the school, and ironically has more power than the campus itself," said creator Dan Harmon.

For his part, Goodman will share many a scene with Rash (who plays the hilarious dean on Community currently), while having an authority to him that currently doesn't exist on the show. "When I heard we were going after Goodman, I got really excited about the idea of Jim Rash and Goodman on camera together," said Harmon.

[via Vulture]