Mark Hurd

Company: HP (2005 – 2010)

Biggest asshole moment: Allegedly falsified expense reports to pay a former contractor for which he had thing for work she never did.

During his tenure as chief executive officer, Hurd was allegedly despised for his cost-cutting practices. He fired 10 percent of the company (est. 15,000 people) shortly after taking the position, then sliced the IT department in half from 19,000 to 8,000, and consolidated data centers from 86 locations to six. If that didn’t make employees despise him, then enforcing a five percent pay cut and eliminating certain benefits for all employees during the recession surely did. Former employee and author Chuck House voiced his disgust with the former CEO in his HP Phenomenon blog: “This guy was a thug, nicknamed Mark Turd by ex-HPites who worked directly for him...He raped HP employees (figuratively, without violating the sexual conduct code at HP) by eliminating the sixty-five year concept of profit sharing, preferring to move to obscene bonuses for himself and his five top minions.”