John Sculley

Company: Apple (1983 -1993)

Biggest asshole moment: He fired Steve Jobs…STEVE JOBS!

Silicon Valley icon Steve Jobs helped recruit the former PepsiCo president and how did he return the favor? By convincing Apple's board of execs to fire Jobs and make himself CEO. The board agreed and dismissed the Apple co-founder. But Sculley’s lack of computer knowledge and unethical approaches got the best of him, as his pet projects (the Newton being the biggest) bombed big time, causing Apple to lose nearly two-thirds of its stock value and post profit lows of $4.6 million by 1993. The company had to downsize its worldwide labor force by 16 percent and consolidate sales and marketing teams. And, after engaging in constant arguments with the board, the decision was made to fire Sculley and replace him with his own protégé: Michael Spindler. Sculley revealed in an interview with Cult of Mac that he should have never fired Jobs or been hired by Apple: “Maybe he Jobs should have been the CEO,” says Sculley, “and I should have been the president…Looking back, it was a big mistake that I was ever hired as CEO [of Apple]." No kidding.