If there's one thing HBO is good at, it's finding novels to adapt for possible series. The network has scored a home run with Game of Thrones, is working on an adaptation of the Pulitzer Prize-winning Visit from the Goon Squad, and now appears ready to take a dip with author Carl Hiaasen. THR reports that the cable outlet will develop Skinny Dip with eyes toward making it a series.

Released in 2004, the novel follows a woman named Joey who seeks revenge after her cheating husband tries to kill her. Like more than a dozen of his other books, Hiaasen set Skinny Dip in Florida.

Michael Keaton is set to produce, though it's unclear whether he would also co-star. For HBO, it would be a continued branch-out away from series set in either New York or Los Angeles; a noir-y counterpart to Bored to Death, perhaps, with alligators and Floridians instead of hipsters and corduroy jackets. Keep an eye on this one going forward.

[via THR]