This past week's travels brought me across the USA to Oakland, Calif., for The Gods Must Be Crazy, Chicago for the FEx 2 Year Anniversary at Subterranean, and back to the East coast for PEX's Annual 4th of July Weekend in Darlington, Md.

The Oakland shows were interesting because they payed homage to fallen musical soldiers and their cultural contributions, not only to the lifestyle many of my friends and I pay our bills with, but also to the larger popular consciousness as well. In Chicago, we celebrated the 2 year anniversary of FEx, a world/tropical/dance music party which seems to have an incredibly bright future ahead of it. And finally, in Maryland, we did the "East Coast Burning Man" thing, closing out the weekend DJing with my son, in the sun, at PEX. Perfect. Enjoy the shots and video. I truly enjoyed experiencing the moments I decided to share with you all this week. Next week's installation is all Euro everything. One love.

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