Not only is Google gunning for Groupon's lunch by building its own deals service, the search giant now looks to be going after and a raft of other hotel and lodging sites with its new Hotel Finder search tool.

Dubbed an "experiment", Google's Hotel Finder asks users to input their desired location, price, and dates, before giving a listing of the available vacancies. Sounds like every other hotel search site, right? Yes, but to change it up a bit Google hopes to help users find the perfect place to stay using the "tourist spotlight" which highlights a specific part of a city which may be good to stay and by providing a complete breakdown of each hotel complete with Google Places reviews, photos, pricing information from the present and past. 

So far it seems to be just another hotel website, albeit a more attractive and user friendly one. Though, we do wonder how feels about the whole thing. 

[via Mashable]