Free Guitar Lessons

Ok, so they're not actually free. You still have to shell out for the game. But you will learn a thing or two when you play Rocksmith, and we don't mean how to maximize your "Star Power." Ubisoft wants to teach you to play the guitar, and it just may succeed.

That massacre called Powergig tried this all last winter and failed miserably. But Rocksmith does this all in a different way. A series of minigames drill you on the fundamentals, but aside from that, youíre largely thrown straight into songs. Sounds daunting, right? It's not. You just play the notes as they hit the virtual fretboard, and somehow, some way, you move closer and closer to becoming a real life rock star. We didnít believe it either. But then creative director Paul Cross told us that he'd never picked up a guitar before working on this game.

Trust us, he's now pretty good.