Freddie Gibbs says: Deion Sanders’ wife [Pilar Sanders], she bad as fuck. I seen her somewhere and she bad as fuck. I was like, "Damn! Neon Deion!" You can’t be Neon Deion and not have a bitch like that, so, man, hats off to Deion.

When you finally see Freddie Gibbs get married, the bitch that you see me bringing around all the time, you gonna be like, "Yeah, that nigga got a bad bitch because he put in work." If you put in work, you deserve it. Like, I’ll see niggas that be rich in this game and they be walking around with some ugly bitches. And I’ll be like, "Damn, man." But they was probably the bitches that was with him when they ain’t have shit—the bitch that they probably got kids with.

Nah, fuck that, you gotta cut that bitch or we gotta be friends. We red carpet status—you gotta have an arm-piece. If you see me with a girl, she’s gonna be an arm-piece. If she’s not then bitch is gonna be walking like five feet behind me. Ten feet! I’m not gonna be with her, it’s public eye now. I was just Frederick; now, I’m Freddie Gibbs. I can’t be with no ugly bitch. They might put me on Media Takeout or some shit.