Freddie Gibbs says: Keri was talking shit about me. [Back when I was on Interscope Records], she said one of my song ["Bussdown"] was too nasty. Then I saw her nasty-ass video, and I was like, "Damn, who’s nastier?" I like Keri. though. She kept it 100. That’s what I can’t say about that bitch; she just said, "That shit’s nasty, I can’t fuck with it."

I respect her gangsta for that shit because you got bitches that come to the studio and just be on that groupie shit. I like Keri Hilson. She wasn’t disrespectful with it, she just said it was nasty. And that was cool.

Tell her I wanna take her on a date just cause she was greasy as fuck on that Complex cover. That’s like my favorite [cover]. Tell her I’ll be in Atlanta, I’ll take her to a strip club. Whatever she wanna do. After I seen that video, that’s the only place I want to take her on a date: the strip club.