With director Len Wiseman at the helm, who knows what to expect? Lucky for us, Entertainment Weekly has released a scan, from the same issue that features new photos from The Amazing Spider-Man, and finds Total Recall star Colin Farrell in a spot of trouble.

The future-set story finds Douglas Quaid (Farrell), a low-level factory worker who believes that he is a spy, but doesn't know if he's down with Euroamerica or New Shanghai. According to Farrell, "the tone will be much less jokey" than the 1990's sci-fi hit starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. Let's hope that the statement is true. Remember, director Len Wiseman is the guy whose favorite colors were blue and grey throughout the entire Underworld films.

Total Recall also stars Bryan Cranston as Vilos Cohaagen, Jessica Biel as the rebellious hottie Melina, Wiseman's wife (and Underworld: Awakening star) Kate Beckinsale as Quaid's wife Lori, Ethan Hawke, and Bokeem Woodbine.

The film is currently in production and will hit theaters on August 3, 2012.

[via The Film Stage]