Legendary Pictures is serious. So intent they are on adding an element of action to the upcoming adaptation of John Milton's legendary epic poem, Paradise Lost, that they've cast Bradley Cooper as the fallen angel Lucifer

This teaser picture shows off an ominous looking ruler of hell. With Cooper's grayed out face, fully black eyes and swirling red details, we're expecting a rather unique aesthetic for the film. For those just getting acquainted with this project, the movie will see the screenwriting hopeful as one of God's chief arch-angels. With trouble brewing in Heaven, beef stirs up between him, Michael and their creator. Mankind's souls are in for a roller-coaster ride next fall courtesy of director Alex Proyas (who is also the mastermind behind The Crow remake).

What do you think about our first look at Bradley Cooper as Lucifer? Would you make a deal with this devil?

[via Empire]