Though Google+ is only in a limited field run (visitors looking to make an account will be temporarily turned away, as Google+ claims to have exceeded its capacity for the trial period), if nothing else, it has to have been an effective litmus test for Google over its 23 days of existence: the headlines, the reviews and the statistics all should give the tech giant an indication as to where they will fit within the realms of social networks, and how their product will chiefly be used.

One potentially important statistic: Google+ users have spent an average of 5 minutes and 50 seconds per visit while Facebook users have spent an average of 21 minutes and 57 seconds. These stats can be read in several ways, especially given that Google+ was in a limited run with fewer users than Facebook. Regardless, it will be interesting to see if Google+ adjusts their strategy accordingly and creates more incentive for users to stay longer per visit.

[via Gizmodo]