Politics & The Upper Peninsula

Mikey: And Michigan is just an interesting state in general because it’s coastal. Is there any other state with both sides that are surrounded by water?

Well, Florida would be because it’s a peninsula, too.

Mikey: Yeah, true.

Chuck: In Michigan we have the upper peninsula. Do you know anyone from the upper peninsula?

Not personally.

Mikey: There’s people in the upper peninsula that got their own currency. They literally are not connected to here.

They’re off the grid.

Mikey: There’s no flights going to the upper peninsula.

So if you’re ever trying to go off the grid, go to the upper peninsula in Michigan?

Chuck: Yo, if you want to get off the grid, go to the goddamn West. Upper Michigan in general is off the grid, you know what I’m saying? We’ve got a militia. We’re our own army.

Chuck: Detroit and Chicago get compared a lot, but it's starting to become incomparable because Chicago is commercial. Like, Chicago is trying to get the Olympics. The Olympics are never coming to Detroit. Not anytime soon. The athletes wouldn't show up.

Chuck: I’ve seen people been like, “Aw, you’re from Detroit?” Looking at me like I’m from Compton or some shit. I feel them, Detroit ain’t no joke, but at the same time, I think that we’re way cooler. We’re like the cool older brother that used to get in trouble, and Chicago is like the younger brother that got a good job. Clean cut. Like, the parents are really proud of him.

Mikey: Fresh cut lawn.

Chuck: Yo, our last mayor was a crook. Like, getting strippers whacked. He's in jail right now. Chicago’s mayor isn't in jail. And he’s probably like the biggest…

Mikey:  He's a super crook but he’s way more political with his crooked acts.

Chuck: He wasn’t even crooked. He would just, like, privatize parking. That’s crook shit. That’s super villain shit. More than whacking strippers, man. That’s super villain shit right there.

Mikey: Yeah, privatizing parking. You don’t get a break ever. You got to pay for parking 24/7. Chicago and Detroit—once you’re from there, when you’re not an outsider comparing them, they're hella different.

Chuck: Because it's two different worlds. The shit that Chicago dudes do, Detroit niggas don’t even leave the house for. The club experience in Chicago is way different. Because, in Detroit, you need to be there with people you know. You need to know exactly how to leave. Shit could pop off. [In Detroit] if you’re going to a spot where it's good, where all the girls are at, where the music is cracking, you might be in a little bit of danger. In Chicago, you won’t be downtown, and if shit cracks off the cops will be there in no time. In Detroit you can have a shoot out in the club and the cops might show up like 15 minutes later. Everybody's dead already [Laughs.]

I was talking to Freddie Gibbs a couple of weeks ago and he was talking about Gary. He made Gary sound very similar to Detroit.

Chuck: Gary and Detroit are fucking brothers. But the thing about Chicago is, Chicago’s got a gang mentality. They work together. Ain’t no gangs in Detroit. It could never happen.