Photo of Detroit

Shopping & Culture

What about shopping—Chicago or Detroit?

Chuck: Shopping for clothes?

Mikey: I’ve never been shopping in Detroit.

Chuck: When it comes to culture, I like different types of people. Detroit, we got a lot of culture, but it’s definitely a more grassroots-type of culture. We got markets. There are areas where it’s kind of bugged out. It's hella artsy now that it's—you know, they kicked a fucking hole in Detroit. It's like the powers that be, they were on a mission to screw us over. And you know, we don’t have tourist attractions like Chicago does.

Chuck: People are spooked in Detroit. You can’t even get half the people to get out of their cars, so when it comes down to shopping—there’s hella shit to do in the suburbs, but Detroit is better known for its events and styles. Our styles are different, the music you listen to is different. The drivers in Michigan are way better, too.