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Which city does food better?

Mikey: Chicago is a fat ass city, man. Fat. They eat and they cook and then they eat. Chicago got that one.

Where do you eat when you’re in Chicago?

Mikey: Man, for breakfast, you got cool little diners, Gold Nugget [various locations] type of joints, man. You know, with the waffles, eggs, and all that shit. For lunch, we've got cool little Puerto Rican spots and good Mexican food. It’s a real diverse city. Then dinner, you got all the, you know, the top franchised restaurants. The steakhouses and all of that crazy shit. You got the deep-dish pizza, Giordano’s [various locations], Gino’s East [various locations], Lou Malnati’s [various locations] and…

Do you have a favorite of those?

Mikey: Right now, I think my favorite would be Lou Malnati’s. I used to like Giordano’s a lot but I hate that there's a thin layer of uncooked dough that they put on the top. I hate that shit now, man. It's sauce, then the dough level, then cheese, and then crust. Yeah, I hate Giordano’s.

Chuck: Oh, there’s a dough level?

It’s uncooked?

Mikey: Yeah, the dough level. It’s soft and uncooked and shit. It's not harmful but I don’t like that shit. And Lou Malnati’s, they just go straight for their sauce, cheese, and then crust.

You just get cheese pizza?

Mikey: Nah, I get toppings man. Sausage or spinach, onions, peppers sometimes. They’re good with the toppings, too. I do the four cheeses sometimes, so its pretty much whatever you want.