Appropriate for our age, Mikey Rocks and Chuck Inglish, the two emcees that make up The Cool Kids, met on the internet, MySpace specifically. Mikey, who hails from Chicago, heard a beat that Chuck, who hails from Detroit, had produced and felt strongly enough about the music's quality that he reached out. The two up-and-comers met to record, thus solidfying one of underground rap's biggest names.

From there the story should be a swift climb to the top but ascension is rarely smooth. Bumps and delays kept pushing back the group's proper debut. As of July 12, we can officially get our hands on When Fish Ride Bicycles, the first studio album from The Cool Kids.

Complex met with Chuck and Mikey to talk about their respective cities, about what makes them similar and what sets them apart from each other. Keep clicking to find out which city cooks up better grub, where you're most likely to catch d-boys at high school basketball games, and which city's mayor is more of a super villain.