On the finale of the Dutch reality competition Who is the Worst Driver of The Netherlands? (De Allerslechtste chauffeur van Nederland?), a contestant by the name of Pim decided to really prove he deserved that title by losing control of his vehicle and barreling right into the show's host, Ruben Nicolai, as well as a cameraman.

OK, not really. The part about where he decided to prove he's actually the worst driver, anywayhe did that, too, but not intentionally. What actually happened was, he accidentally ran over said host and cameraman when he mistook the acceleration pedal for the brake pedal and ended up veering off his course. When he couldn't regain control of the car, he covered his eyes and screamed while the vehicle hit the host, camera man, and finally another car.

But don't worry, everyone's fine!

Of course, it was all caught on camera, and you can watch the clip (in Dutch!) above. Apart from a ridiculous, yet kind of hilarious, music cue after the collision, it's not that graphic. Get ready to feel bad about yourself for laughing.

[Via Autoblog]