What's your geolocation social network of choice? Foursquare? Facebook Places? The good folks behind the popular multi-network instant message service IM+ hope you rock with both so you can take full advantage of their newest tool: Checkin+.

Dubbed the "All-In-One CheckIn", Checkin+ is a check-in app that allows you to fully access your favorite services. It's also the first of its kind to employ augmented reality, so you can bring your digital world to the real world. Use your phone's built-in camera to scope out your surroundings and see which restaurants and stores your virtual network recommends. 

The app also allows you to stay in contact with all your friends on Foursquare and Facebook Places by showing where they've been and where they currently are either on a map or in augmented reality. And don't worry, you can still rack up all the Foursquare points and rewards you can manage.

A free version of the Checkin+ is available now from the Apple App Store

[via ReadWriteWeb]

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