Date: March 2011
City: Hoboken, N.J.

Drunk Subway

There's something inherently embarrassing about getting sad or, in this case, righteously angry while you're wearing a silly-ass outfit. Like crying in your halloween costume, threatening someone while wearing green suspenders over a white top with matching green and white hair bows makes for pretty embarrassing stuff. Add drunk to the equation and you're in a serious credibility demolition zone. Even the Pepsi paid for product placement doesn't distract enough from how thoroughly she matches. Still, she does make for something close to intimidating when she pushes here way down the aisle to fuck that girl up. And it barely happens on camera, meaning you can forget about the grade school St. Patty's day get-up.

Well, that was an entire paragraph without making a New Jersey joke. Woo, that was tough.

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