Date: Oct. 2009
City: New York

Batshit    Boat   Cops

If the cops really wanted to get to the bottom of things they would have interrogated the life-sized Gameboy, who is clearly up to no good. Also, you might be asking yourself why this is ten minutes long. It's ten minutes long because it's the only mass transit fight video that switches gears midway to become an investigation of presentations of the female body as it appears on Halloween. See below for a break-down.

0:27 - Pepper spray.
1:00 - Little Bo Peep argues for her brother's freedom.
2:10 - Gameboy appears.
2:28 - Little Bo Peep reveals that she is pregnant, is also threatened with pepper spray.
4:02 - The Foot Locker employee administers first aid to the man who was pepper sprayed.
4:50 - Boobs.
5:10 - A moment of silence.
7:50 - Booty.
9:10 - Grinding.