You're on your way to work, maybe on a subway or bus, and you're smashed against a man loudly chomping through an egg sandwich. His messenger bag pushes into your side everytime he wipes the yolk away from around his mouth. You don't want to go to work; it's Monday. You're irritable, and his messenger bag must be full of bricks because it's catching you right above the hip, the soft spot below your ribs, and it actually hurts. Without thinking, you give the dude a little shove and begin to run your mouth. Insults you didn't know you had in you come spitting out of your mouth like the spirit of Joe Pesci circa Goodfellas has possessed you. If things get real, one of you hits the other. Add someone with a camera phone and there you have it: a mass transit fight, caught on tape.

It might be the small space. It might be the fact that we take public transportation to go to places we don't want to be, i.e. work, or that we use it to get back from the bar rather than risk a D.U.I. Whatever it is, a crowded subway, train, bus, or ferry is a great place to witness, or participate in, a verbal or sometimes physical brawl. Now that everyone carries with them the technology to become a member of the paparazzi, we've seen an outbreak in mass transit fight videos.

Presumably mass transit fights have been happening since the advent of communal travel. Back when the ancient Greeks were ferrying around, you can bet that drunk and disorderly passengers chewed each other out, cracked jaws, and left people bobbing in the river Styx. Cowboys with days of stubble and little self-control must've slugged each other on top of stagecoaches in between shots of poorly distilled corn liquor. But we don't have video documentation of thse confrontations. However, we do have shaky footage from contemporary commuters who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

What you're about to witness are the best (worst?) of those altercations. If you're not into blood, casual racism/sexism, colorful language, and general trauma, this is not the list for you. Everybody else, dig in. This is Caught on Tape: The 50 Craziest Mass Transit Fights.