With one month left of summer, now's the time to get out of the house and hit the nearest beach or park with a group of friend and some food and beverages (and anything else you feel will heighten your outdoor enjoyment). The challenge, then, is how to transport the food and beverages. We've got the perfect solution: Cascades ThermaFresh coolers. 

Made out of 70% recycled cardboard, the ThermaFresh is an earth-friendly, lightweight way to keep your beer and sandwiches—or whatever it is people take on picnics now-a-days—cool. Cascades says that when paired with two bags of ice, the ThermaCool will keep your stuff fresh for 36 hours when the temp sits around 76 degrees. It's also lined with NorSheild waterproof coating so it will survive inclement weather and a couple spills and dings. 

The Cascade ThermaFresh cooler is available now from Cascades for $15/each. 

[via Like Cool]