Where: Spiga (200 W 84th St.)
Website: spiganyc.com

After walking into Spiga for the first time, I must admit, I thought I was in the wrong place. Yes, I was on the Upper West Side at a semi-fancy place, but thanks to the friendly hostess and server I felt at ease. My banana search had lead to me to Spiga for the banana crème brule, but was I disappointed to find they had changed the menu. All was not lost, though, as the new dish replacing the crème brule was the banana white chocolate bread.

The dish is served with two thin slices of caramelized banana that lie under a soft, rounded piece of banana bread, accompanied by caramel ice cream on the side. The plate is garnished with powdered sugar and warm bourbon sauce. After devouring everything, you'll sit knowing you've experienced a fine dessert. The lesson here is not to judge a book by its cover or else you’ll miss something delicious.