Address: 224 Franklin St. 
Neighborhood: Greenpoint, Brooklyn  

Ditching cement for gravelly pavement and windows for garage doors, TBD went DIY, turning an old warehouse into a BK haven. Less chic and with more dirt, TBD is a cool, kick-it spot that offers Brooklynites good ol’ backyard comfort. From mac-n-cheese to chicken wings, Jon Meyer of Fatty Crab and Diner has the comfort food on lock and knows what pairs well with a good beer.

If you can’t choose from one of the 12 beers on tap, or if you’re feeling nostalgic for those days when your wallet wasn’t quite so fat, go for the $15 “Bucket of Crap,” a random selection of cheap stuff: PBR, Keystone, Schiltz. Don’t act like you were always a beer connoisseur. We know better.